Wednesday, August 4, 2010

What a summer it has been...

I never imagined my last summer of being a "college student" would go by so quickly! Summer school, which at the time crept by so slowly, seems like only a small fraction of the summer. With only 2 and a half weeks left of summer, I am looking forward to vacations with family in Colorado and Virginia. Then it's back to the crazy, whirlwind of a life known as school.

I've enjoyed spending my summer with friends, family, my sweet boyfriend and his family, new friends and of course, the best dog in the world, Happy. I am so blessed to have such beautiful beings in my life and am happy to have spent this time with them !

I think God has been preparing me this summer for the last year of school that is ahead of me. While daunting, it is beginning to seem more like a transition into my next phase in life and less like the most difficult and demanding year of college so far! I hope I can keep that mentality throughout this next year.. :)

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