Monday, January 19, 2009

Day one...

Well here it is.  My very first Blog...except for that other one I had.  But nevermind that.  
I am excited to start this, seeing as how I don't usually do much writing, other than in my journal.  I really never considered myself as a writer, but I think this is a neat little activity and will be glad to write notes every now and then.

I had a wonderful weekend: Thank you Martin Luther King, Jr.  What a wonderful man.
It consisted of Bride Wars (for the second time-thanks Kate for the inspiration to work out more), Chedder's with good company, a little shopping, Scrabble (one of my new favorite games), and the beginning of training for a half marathon.  
Yes, I said half marathon.
It has been decided, with the help of my roommates, that I am destined to participate in a marathon.  When we all realized it is not possible for me to run for 28 or however many miles long a marathon is, we resolved on a half marathon.  

So here I begin: day one on training for my very first HALF marathon, accompanied by my first post on this lovely site.

Yours truly,

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